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The World’s slowest Porsche GT3 RS

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Slowest Porsche Ferdinand GT3 RS and GirlHere is a video and photo gallery showing the new Ferdinand GT3 RS, a zero-emissions car named after the legendary Porsche founder. Unfortunately the car has nothing to do with Porsche, other than being shaped like a Porsche 911.

It features a “gold-painted” exterior, has a big rear wing and “massive air inlets at the front spoiler to save the driver from sweating too much.” Amazingly it weighs just 99.6kg (219.6 lbs). Even more amazing is that it does not have an engine, “because of economic reasons.”

Watch as the presenter takes us through a walkabout presentation and a drive around the race track. Ferdinand is shown at Lentos – Museum of Art Linz / Austria.

The World`s slowest Porsche GT3 RS – Video


Porsche celebrates 1M FACEBOOK fans with special 911 GT3 R HYBRID

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Facebook Porsche 911 GT3 R HybridPorsche is accustomed to setting records out on the race track, but the German automaker has just crossed a rather unique milestone –Porsche has become the fastest automaker ever to reach 1,000,000 Facebook fans. In order to celebrate its major accomplishment, Porsche has created a Facebook-themed 911 GT3 R Hybrid. The GT3 R Hybrid is of coursed finished in a Facebook-appropriate blue and white wrap, but also sports something rather special. Porsche has included over 27,000 signatures of Porsche fans on the wrap. The German automaker has also launched a micro site that allows you to zoom in on the car, making it a little easier to search for your name. The commemorative 911 GT3 R Hybrid is currently on display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, and will continue to be until February 20.

Facebook Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid gallery