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Porsche 918 RSR Unveiled at Detroit Auto Show

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detroit autoshow 2011 porsche 918 rsr The 2011 Detroit Auto Show just kicked off with a blast as Porsche rolled out its brand new 918 RSR hybrid supercar. The racer’s sexy sculpted carbon fiber exterior conceals a 563 horsepower, 10,300 rpm v8 engine coupled with two front-wheel drive electric motors for a total of 767 horsepower. Like the 911 GT3 R Hybrid before it, Porsche’s 918 RSR features a flywheel booster system that stores energy when the vehicle breaks and then releases it in a 160hp burst of speed at the press of a button.

Porsche‘s new hybrid supercar takes design cues from classic racers like the 908 and the 917, fusing these classic profiles with cutting-edge hybrid technology. The vehicle’s carbon fiber-reinforced plastic monocoque shell is emblazoned with the starting number 22, recalling the 1971 Le Mans victory of Helmut Marko and Gijs van Lennep.

An endurance racer at heart, the 918 RSR has a clever trick up its sleeve to keep it ahead of the competition. Whenever the vehicle brakes, a flywheel accumulator located next to the driver’s seat captures and stores energy. This energy can then be directed to the vehicle’s twin 102 hp electric motors to provide a burst of speed, allowing the vehicle to rocket ahead of other cars during critical overtaking maneuvers.

Porsche also announced plans to produce diesel and hybrid versions of the Panamera this year as well as a limited number of the 918 Spyder hybrid super sports car, making this a banner year for the luxury auto manufacturer.

video with Porsche 918 RSR from Detroit

Porsche 918 RSR photogallery by Joe Nuxoll

Jerry Seinfeld and his love of Porsche

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Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld (American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, television and film producer), by his full name, Jerome Alan Seinfeld was born in Brooklyn, New York City, on 29th of April 1954. Jerry Seinfeld’s nickname is Little Jerry, he is 5’11” (1.80m) tall and is a New York Mets fan.

It is known that Jerry Seinfeld has a collection of over 40 different Porsches, rumors being that he is the owner of the largst Porsche collections in the whole world.

The comedian stored the collection in a hangar at the Santa Monica Airport, in California. Jerry Seinfeld bought the first Porsche 911 ever built, a light blue Porsche, bought at Manhattan Motors.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche collection includes 10 Porche Boxters in different colors, Porsche 911s from different years and the famous 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder and ofcourse the fabulous Porsche 959.

In February 2004, he wrote an article for the Automobile, about Porsche Carrera GT, for that being awarded Road Pest – silver in 2004, at the International Automotive Media Awards.

Video: Jerry Seinfeld talks about his love of Porsche

Jerry Seinfeld Porsche gallery

Janis Joplin Porsche 356 convertible

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Janis Joplin expressed her opinions through her music and her 1965 Porsche 356 convertible that Dave Richards painted for her. Her car represented symbols that both defined her as an individual and the period in which she lived in. When looking at the car, one is mesmerized be the bright colors and the great details that can be seen. Dave Richards used vivid colors like yellow, orange, pink and turquoise. The car’s hood has varieties of butterflies and small blue flowers (might be Forget-Me-Nots flowers).In the middle front, there are two faces, one looking to the right and the other to the left. In the middle of the two faces, there is an eye looking straight ahead. It is a gods-eye symbol that the band has identified. Also there”tms a missing chrome line on the left side of the car. Janis identified herself very much with her astrological sign. It might be a woman”tms body with veins running through it or thin rivers of blood. On the left side of the car, there are little brown shapes. Janis Joplin Porsche 356 represents that idea too.  Finally, the one symbol that represents Janis Joplin is the sun with the Capricorn sign in the back of the car with the letter J on top. However there is a missing mirror on the right side of the car.

Several replicas of Janis’ beloved 356 have been built over the years. The original (itself restored several times) sits in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland.

Video with Janis Joplin Porsche 356 convertible:

Janis Joplin  Porsche 356 convertible photo gallery:

Mariah Carey Receives Birthday Porsche From her husband

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Mariah Carey and Nick CannonMariah Carey received an extra special 40th birthday present on March 27, 2010 – her husband Nisck Cannon bought her a custom-made pink  Porsche Cayenne

Carey wrote on her Twitter page: “thank you everyone for the anniversary wishes! Today is a ‘smash hit wonder’ I’m having SO much fun & you guys make everything even better.

“All the videos and messages I got for my anniversary were incredible. You never cease to amaze me and make me happy and grateful.”

She added: “Again, thank you so much to all who gave so much time & love for 327! NC shocked me with a custom PINK Porshe!!! And a huge trampoline! SO PIP!”
Mariah Carey’s custom Porsche Cayenne – Video

Mariah Carey pink Porsche Cayenne photo gallery

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Porsche celebrates 1M FACEBOOK fans with special 911 GT3 R HYBRID

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Facebook Porsche 911 GT3 R HybridPorsche is accustomed to setting records out on the race track, but the German automaker has just crossed a rather unique milestone –Porsche has become the fastest automaker ever to reach 1,000,000 Facebook fans. In order to celebrate its major accomplishment, Porsche has created a Facebook-themed 911 GT3 R Hybrid. The GT3 R Hybrid is of coursed finished in a Facebook-appropriate blue and white wrap, but also sports something rather special. Porsche has included over 27,000 signatures of Porsche fans on the wrap. The German automaker has also launched a micro site that allows you to zoom in on the car, making it a little easier to search for your name. The commemorative 911 GT3 R Hybrid is currently on display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, and will continue to be until February 20.

Facebook Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid gallery

David Beckham’s matte black Porsche 911 up for sale

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David Beckham’s Porsche911David Beckham’s customised 2008 Porsche 911 has just gone up for sale on online luxury marketplace JamesList for $185,000.

The Los Angeles Galaxy and England international football star purchased the car from Porsche’s Beverly Hills showroom during his stay in Los Angeles.

Beckham had the car personalised with no expense spared. The customised Porsche is expertly refinished in matte black with three piece rims and Techart exhaust. It also features custom-made silver ‘23′ emblems on the bonnet, deck lid, rims and steering wheel and has the same emblem embroidered on the front and rear seats and custom floor mats.

Factory options include Tiptronic S transmission, heated front seats, parking assist, sport chrono-package, module for telephone PCM, remote CD changer, 6-disc and thicker leather steering wheel.

According to the listing, the car has no damage or faults and a factory warranty valid up until September 2011.

But more importantly, it’s been photographed by the paparazzi while Beckham’s been out and about in LA, which means that not only would you be owning a slice of Beckham history, but also a world famous Porsche!

New Porshe 911 GT2RS Promo Video


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2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RSIn December 2010, Porsche has released a new Porsche 911 GT2 RS promo video showing the most extreme Porsche 911 they have ever built.

Watch the fastest, most powerful road-going Porsche ever built. In this video the 911 GT2 RS is driven to extreme both at the Porsche Experience Centre and on the world famous Silverstone Grand Prix circuit.

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS has a 3.6-liter 6-cylinder boxer engine mounted in the rear that sends 620 hp to the rear wheels. The official Porsche 911 GT2 RS specs say the car can hit 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and that it has a top speed of 330 km/h. To make the journey from 0 to 300 km/h in a Porsche 911 GT2 RS takes just 28.9 seconds. In other words, you can outrun helicopters in this thing. The bad new is that you have to able to part with 200,000 EUR for a Porsche 911 GT2 RS. We have more bad news. They will only build 500 of them, which are all sold already.

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