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Sportec Shows 3 Porsche Premieres at Geneva Motor Show 2011

  • Sportec
  • Porsche Tuning, 911, Cayenne
  • Geneva Motor Show 2011

Geneva 2011 Sportec Porsche 911 GT2 RS SP800RSwiss tuner and car specialist Sportec will show three exclusive world premieres at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The programs cover three models from Porsche; the second generation SP580 (Cayenne Turbo), the most powerful road-going Porsche ever made; the SP800 R (GT2 RS) and an upgraded version of the SPR1 R.

The package for the 2010 Porsche Cayenne Turbo is named SP580 and holds a performance upgrade to 580hp and a maximum torque of 790Nm, a lowering module, a Sportec rear silencer and new 22 inch Mono/7 rims sizing 10.5×22 inch ET51.

The second program is all about the 2011 Porsche GT2 RS, the track-ready sports car limited to only 500 pieces. The SP800R performance upgrade outfitted to the car brings the power to 800hp and a maximum torque to 900Nm. An impressive 180hp and 200Nm more than stock! A custom-made super sports suspension, a solid carbon aero-kit (front spoiler/rear wing extension) and Sportec Mono/7 with central locking system sizing 9×20 inch ET40 / 12×20 inch ET50 are also available for the ultimate sports car from Zuffenhausen.

The Sportec SPR1R was introduced last year at the Geneva Auto Salon. This year they have revised the design of their super sports car, added a semi-sequential transmission and an exclusive matte black foil design. Oh and the name also changed to Sportec SPR1 FL.

Porsche by SPORTEC, SPR1 FL – Video from Geneva 2011

Porsche by SPORTEC, SP800 R – Video from Geneva 2011

Porsche Sportec Photogallery in Geneva Motor Show 2011

MANSORY Cayenne at Geneva Motor Show 2011

  • MANSORY Switzerland AG
  • Porsche Tuning
  • Mansory Cayenne widebody
  • Geneva Motor Show 2011

Mansory Porsche Cayenne TurboFor more than 20 years, the company MANSORY is the first choice for refining exclusive top class automobiles and powerful super sports cars. The focus is both on optimisations which underline the dynamic character of the car as well as measures for refining the exclusive equipment. The subsidiary MANSORY Switzerland AG also follows this path with its newly designed individualisation programme for the current Porsche Cayenne.

The tune includes an excessive aero treatment with a wide-body kit that extends the vehicle by 60 mm at the front and 80 mm at the back and also comes with numerous carbon fiber parts such as the bonnet, side skirts and rear diffuser. New daytime running lights and a set of 22-inch black alloy wheels shod in massive 295/30 tires further differentiate the SUV’s looks from its factory sibling.

Under the hood, Mansory Switzerland upgrades the Cayenne Turbo’s 4.8-liter V8 with larger turbo chargers, a custom exhaust system, reprogrammed ECU and other mods resulting to an output of 690HP and 800Nm of peak torque at 4,800 rpm for a 0 to 100km/h (62mph) sprint time of 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 300km/h (186 mph).

Mansory said buyers can also opt for a variety of interior enhancements and an electronic module for the air suspension to lower the SUV’s ride height by 45mm.

MANSORY Cayenne photogallery

RUF Rt 12 based on Porsche 911 Turbo at Geneva Motor Show

  • Porsche Tuning
  • RUF Rt 12 based on Porsche 911 Turbo
  • Geneva Motor Show 2011

Porsche 911 Turbo Ruf Rt 12R GenevaRuf has never considered itself simply as an aftermarket tuner, seeing itself more as a niche automaker capable of building some of the highest-performance cars on the planet. You only have to take a look at the legendary line of CTR models to understand where this view is coming from, and in recent years Ruf has also shown a strong interest in the field of electric mobility and is even conducting its own trials of electric cars with government bodies. At this week’s 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Ruf has reminded us all why its reputation of high-performance, impeccable build quality and plain coolness still rings through. The firm has used the Geneva event to roll out its new Rt 12 R based on the Porsche 911 Turbo.
The Ruf Rt 12 R begins life with the stock 3.8-liter twin-turbo flat-six engine. That unit is good for 500 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque (516 lb-ft with the overboost function). After Ruf gets its mitts on the powerplant, output swells to 730 hp and 693 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired to Porsche’s six-speed manual transmission and all-wheel-drive system. And if you’re a rich lunatic, you can opt for rear-wheel drive.

Ruf also works its magic on the body of the Rt 12 R. Carbon fiber is applied to the front fenders, hood, luggage cover, seats and is available optionally on the roof. The side and rear windows are plastic instead of glass to further aid in the quest for lightness. This weight reduction, along with the massive increase in power, has helped Ruf claim an impressive 230 mph top speed for the Rt 12 R. n the outside RUF details this racer with carbon components including a rear spoiler, bonnet and front mudguards. Also part of the outfitting are lightweight doors made of aluminum and side and rear windows out of plastic. Optional is the carbon roof. Total curb weight on the model is 1495 kg (3295 lbs). The Rt 12 R comes with forged aluminum wheels with central locking in dimensions 9J x 19-inch at the front and 12J x 19-inch at the rear. Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 245/35 ZR 19 and 325/30 ZR 19, front and back, respectively. Brakes are ceramic with 380 mm discs at the front and 350 mm ones at the back. On the inside are carbon bucket seats and a headliner integrated roll cage with cross brace (IRC).

The price tag on the Rt 12 R reads €279,000, not including VAT.

RUF Rt 12 Photogallery at Geneva Motor Show 2011

New Porsche Panamera Hybrid World’s Premiere in Geneva Motor Show 2011

  • Geneva Motor Show 2011
  • Panamera Hybrid

2011 Geneva Motor Show Porsche Panamera HybridPorsche just has unveiled the new Porsche Panamera S Hybrid at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The Panamera S Hybrid will be the German automaker’s second gasoline-electric production model, after the Cayenne S Hybrid. It features an all-new hybrid powertrain that promises to deliver an average fuel consumption of 6.9L/100km while offering a combined power output of 283kW.

The Porsche Panamera S Hybrid is powered by a supercharged 3.0-litre V6 engine producing 248kW of power. This engine is then supported by a 34kW electric motor. The electric motor draws it power from a nickel metal hydride (NiMh) battery pack. This power is then sent to the rear wheels. The petrol engine and the electric motor can be isolated, allowing the car to be driven in full-petrol or full-electric modes as well.

Porsche says the Panamera S Hybrid still offers sports car-like performance, too, and is capable of doing the 0-100km/h sprint in just 5.7 seconds and going on to a top speed of 270km/h – now that’s a hybrid. Official EPA fuel consumption ratings are yet to be announced, but the car is capable of achieving 6.8L/100km on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), on optional low-resistance tyres – a figure of 7.1L/100km is capable on normal performance tyres.

In normal driving conditions, the petrol motor engine is switched off every time the accelerator pedal is relieved. In these circumstances the batteries for the electric motor are recharged thanks to regenerative technology.

The new model features a nickel-metal-hydride battery pack at a time when most competitors are making the shift to lithium-based batteries.

Standard equipment on the Panamera S Hybrid includes adaptive air suspension, Servotronic variable-assist power steering and Porsche Communication Management with navigation.

The Porsche Panamera S Hybrid will initially go on sale in the US during the end of this year, with prices starting at US$95,000.

New Porsche Panamera Hybrid premiere at Geneva – Video

New Porsche Panamera Hybrid photogallery at Geneva

Geneva Motor Show 2011 – Panamera hybrid, Boxster and 911 Black editions

  • Geneva Motor Show 2011
  • Panamera Hybrid
  • Porsche 911 black edition
  • Porsche Boxster S Black edition

2011 geneva auto show posterThe International Motor Show will be opening for its 81st edition from March 3 to 13, 2011 at Geneva Palexpo.

2011 is the year of hybrid cars for Porsche.

At the Motor Show in Geneva, Porsche will present the world’s first hybrid car developed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1900 with the Austrian firm Hofwagenfabrik Ludwig Lohner & Co.
The 111-year-old hybrid car, called the Semper Vivus (“always alive”), has been recreated by the experts from the museum for four years and is now fully operational. The first hybrid Porsche was equipped with two internal combustion engines, electric motors, as well as feeding it batteries. After the exhibition at the Motor Show in Geneva Semper Vivus will become part of the museum Porsche in Stuttgart.

The Porsche’s main star at this year’s Geneva Motor Show will be a hybrid sportscar of the Panamera hybrid.

At Geneva they will also show the 918 RSR concept race car that makes its European debut. Other cars on display at Porsche’s booth include the 330 hp (243 kW) Cayman R in Europe for the first time, alongside the the 911 Black Edition, limited to 1,911 units, based on the 345 hp (254 kW) 911 Carrera, and the Boxster S Black Edition, limited to 987 units worldwide

New Porsche Preview at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 – Video

Semper Vivus:  World Premiere in Geneva Motor Show – Video

2011 Geneva Motor Show Photogallery by: Porsche Origin

Porsche 918 RSR Unveiled at Detroit Auto Show

  • Porsche 918 RSR
  • Detroit Auto Show

detroit autoshow 2011 porsche 918 rsr The 2011 Detroit Auto Show just kicked off with a blast as Porsche rolled out its brand new 918 RSR hybrid supercar. The racer’s sexy sculpted carbon fiber exterior conceals a 563 horsepower, 10,300 rpm v8 engine coupled with two front-wheel drive electric motors for a total of 767 horsepower. Like the 911 GT3 R Hybrid before it, Porsche’s 918 RSR features a flywheel booster system that stores energy when the vehicle breaks and then releases it in a 160hp burst of speed at the press of a button.

Porsche‘s new hybrid supercar takes design cues from classic racers like the 908 and the 917, fusing these classic profiles with cutting-edge hybrid technology. The vehicle’s carbon fiber-reinforced plastic monocoque shell is emblazoned with the starting number 22, recalling the 1971 Le Mans victory of Helmut Marko and Gijs van Lennep.

An endurance racer at heart, the 918 RSR has a clever trick up its sleeve to keep it ahead of the competition. Whenever the vehicle brakes, a flywheel accumulator located next to the driver’s seat captures and stores energy. This energy can then be directed to the vehicle’s twin 102 hp electric motors to provide a burst of speed, allowing the vehicle to rocket ahead of other cars during critical overtaking maneuvers.

Porsche also announced plans to produce diesel and hybrid versions of the Panamera this year as well as a limited number of the 918 Spyder hybrid super sports car, making this a banner year for the luxury auto manufacturer.

video with Porsche 918 RSR from Detroit

Porsche 918 RSR photogallery by Joe Nuxoll

Porsche 911 GT2 RS in Canadian International AutoShow 2011

  • Porsche 911 GT2 RS
  • Canadian International AutoShow 2011

Porsche 911 TurboCanadian International AutoShow is the Canada’s largest automotive show. In this year  it is open to the public from Feb. 18 to Feb. 27


Video with Porsche 911 GT2 RS in Canadian International AutoShow 2011

Video: Porshe stand in Canadian International AutoShow 2011